Thursday, 5 March 2009

Now for some things that make me smile.

Or smirk. Yeah, Go with smirk. I like that word. "S-m-uh-r-k".

1. Music. - I know it's cliche and I know it's more general than saying "I like doing stuff". But seriously...Music has had my back from day one. And you know what makes that better? I own at the music too ^_^. I got kinda clowned on by a big wig at the office I work at...I went home and played "Under The Bridge" on my guitar, I felt at peace.. Cool right?

Right now, I'm HOOKED on this version of "My Favourite Things" by John Coltrane. So much so, I'm actually considering learning the saxamaphone. (No it isn't spelt "Saxaphone". It's spelt "SAXA-MA-PHONE". Plus, I'm sure i'd be able to pick up a lot more womens (That's right. "Womens") with the line "Hallo, I'm Cap and I play the Sax."

2. Laughs/Jokes/Jibes - As a good friend once stated so well "For a so called "Genius", You laugh at the most stupid **** I've ever come across"." Which is kinda true. For example, In an episode of Family Guy, Chris gets bullied by the new paper boy "Kyle". Kyle pushes chris over and begins to laugh. One of Kyle's friends points and says "HAHA! I have that shirt at home." I was rolling on the floor. Literally, That's all it takes.

I was on youtube the other day watching some kid's guitar lesson on "Dani California". Some guy commented "Nice mullet you ****ing redneck" I've offically never laughed so hard in my life.

3. Autumn/Winter - Yes summer lets you check out women a lot easier. Yes if you spend all your time in the Gym, You can wear a vest for 3 months.

But I just love winter...Seriously. Something about the cold air, and the way the wind whistles through the trees is really calming for me.

4. Knowledge - I don't read books...And I don't watch much TV, But i'm still obsessed with chasing knowledge, And I'm not really sure where I get it from. But It makes me happy..And when I eventually go back to University and get my weird looking hat, I'll be pleased my knowledge can be placed on a wall...Or thrown at people who doubt it. (I'm aware Academics aren't synonymous with Genius, Try not to rain on my parade).


  1. You know what else makes you smile? Me. Because you totally love me.

    Nice post. But winter sucks if you live in Scotland. Although John Coltrane definitely helps.

  2. @Anna I totally have spent like all day so far trying to figure out who on Y!A you are and I come to a blank spot. I give up.

    @Cap You totally left out isms. You know weird isms make you happy. Like, There is no place like home, except when you are home, then all you want to do is be somewhere else.

  3. Anna - Why would I love a fake? If you denounce your falsified status as "Mistress Of The Universe", I'll consider e-loving you.

    Hah. I feel like listening to Minnie Riperton. Although I might drink some cheap beer to make it a more manly experience.

  4. I'll denounce nothing. You still love me. Denying it doesn't make it any less true.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mistress of the Universe.

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