Sunday, 18 January 2009

So i was thinking....

I was thinking... last night about knowledge. Why its pursued so relentlessly, Why many people are offended by it. Why it seems to depress those who have such vast amounts of it.

Then i realised...Knowledge is poison. Not in the sense that it will hurt you in anyway...but it's not pure. And to me the opposite of purity is poison. (Kinda where the whole Anthrax thing came from) There i said it.

I'm gonna read you a little extract from one of my trillion notebooks/post its/blank pages.

"If all knowledge has a a source, And all men(and women) are inevitably biased. Then all sources are biased. The only knowledge that is truely pure is knowledge of self...But who we are is shaped by our surroundings. **** just doxed myself. Anyway... And our surroundings are in no way representative of us. - "We are products of our environment".

Oh and i watched "The Matrix" this afternoon. And i got thinking about truth too and how people aren't neccesarily afraid of it, But distracted FROM it...And i stumbled across a deep line by one of my favourite british MC's "Klashnekoff".

" Leave you stiff , The world stands uncontaminated with biological hatred. It's Blatant, Morpheus tried to show you in "The Matrix. But were you watching the beanie or clocking for the agents?. - It's from the Track "parrowdice" by Terra Firma. -

Speaking of Klashnekoff...

This track is called Murda... - and its ****ing fire. It's a few years old though..I don't think i had facial hair when it was released.

"Infiltrate your border like ITN reporters then return with the slaughter - Captured on Camcorder. I'm trapped in a damn corner. Chattin to Pandora about boxing her man for her"

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

If you're gonna criticise. At least aim right.

The only thing worse than someone trying to dispute the musical/poetic merit (to me) of hip hop is someone using examples of an artist(s) who isn't hip hop to dispute its musical/poetic merit.

I've never judged rock by the Jonas Brothers,(Inbefore "THE JONAS BROTHERS AREN'T ROCK).

Soulja Boy isn't hip hop. - Yeah. Thought so.

Initially, I thought that when someone criticised a genre, It was based on them listening to it and forming a conclusion based on what they'd heard. But really, All it is, is them going to the worst possible source of that music and making a judgement based on that. I find it even funnier that people who criticise hip hop and like another genre tend to have hilarious taste in that genre (See it pays to diversify your music taste).

"Rap sucks dude. It's all fake. You should go listen to metal" - Gaffot no. 1

"O RLY? Recommend me a band" - Me.

"Trivium are the best metal band ever. Go listen to them."

"Bud. You're kicking the word fake at me? Even though you not only listen to, But idolise a band that are nothing but metallica on steroids?."

".....Yeah whatever dude. Rap sucks".

See. Its easy to neuter the credibility of a fool's argument once you pull up a little background.