Monday, 6 April 2009

Hello All.

I figured I haven't posted in a while. I also figure that I don't care for witty enticing titles either.

So I'm gonna share my current interests/mindstate/bla bla bla with you.

I've rediscovered my love of Jazz. One of the main reasons I stopped listening to Jazz is because I began to resent what it stood for. At its inception, Poor yet musically liberated people would get together and improvise round the simplest of melodies and chord progressions for minutes on end. They wore suits to represent the classiness of the genre not it's financial insinuations.

Nowadays, the jazz scene is anus. It's nothing but pretentious yuppies in suits that cost more than all my musical instruments trying to shhh me because I'm tapping my feet to the rhythm. (Yeah, I said yuppie.) I love it but I can't help think that Jazz is becoming another genre that's been userped by the middle class...Not all sides of the dice, but that's a story for another time.

But because Jazz is better than your favourite genre of music and cooler than James Bond with an Afro brandishing nunchucks....

I'm also learning the trumpet now, So I can officially carry a tune/beat on:

Bass Guitar

On the subject of trumpet...and general awesomeness.

Here's Tin Tin Deo by Dizzy Gilespie. (The bass is pure unadulterated illness)

I've also started riding bikes more. Initially bikes were just my way of beating insomnia...Y'know riding around late at night in a full face helmet...Tapping wasted club goers on the back and listening to them freak out as I rode away. Y'know, the usual.

But I've started to get a kick of how free and reckless I feel when I'm riding. Plus, whistling at women whilst on any kind of vehicle beats doing it on foot..Not that I whistle at women.

I've also started making less with the genius. Why? Boring. Too much to think about. I had a buddy ask me a really long winded question about why his life sucks...and I said to him "Usually, I'd have something zen and enlightening to say to you, but you just need to chill out." So im giving advice and taking my own at the same time..Plus, I think the current trend is being moderately stupid again. First there was being a pseudo intellectual who prefixes every sentence with "Technically" then there was the pseudo-idiot who prefixes every sentence with "uhhhhhhh."

So I think I'll sit on the one between "Technically" and "uhhhhh"

Oh and before I go scare yuppies with my new Jason Mask,

Here are some things I don't currently approve of.

Yuppies. - Why? Yuppies are bad in bed. Yuppies are nosey. Yuppie rhymes with puppy and puppies are the most overrated pet ever.

People who don't like turtles. - Turtles are better than you. Why? Because turtles live at their own pace. I think people would have less to PMS about if they sat the fuck back and relaxed for 30 seconds or minutes. Like a turtle.

Rock/Metal fans who rag on hip hop. - I used to be a bigger fan of Metal than Hip Hop...But I think the weasel style (Yeah I made that up after watching Drunken Master...Who fights with "Weasel Style"? sounds weak right?) arguments about "Where are the guitar solos and drums? Rap isn't music" are starting to rub me up.

Why? Because any intelligent musician knows that being able to play an instrument does not elevate you musically above people. I think that particular band of queens needs to take instrumentalism off of a pedestal and throw their hangups in a dustbin.

Scene kids - What is clever or interesting about saying things like "Sup, I'm rad" and "I eat ghosts" and "my hair is my life"?

And lastly, Dishonesty in women. - Ok. Everyone knows women are dishonest. But the fact that they won't admit they're dishonest bothers me.

On a more positive note

I'm seeing Guru and 9th wonder on satuday and sunday respectively.

This will probably be the last time I blog for another while (Not that you care.)

But enjoy it.