Monday, 2 February 2009

"I don't **** with politics. I ain't no black activist on a so-called scholar's ****."

Hmmm...First off, It's snowing today. I'ts also colder than a nun's muff...Okay maybe not that cold. But pretty cold.

Second of all, I was listening to "Swordsman" one of the dopest cuts from "Liquid Swords" by the Genius himself. (Inspiration for the blog title) Then i got to thinking, In the midst of Obama being sworn in, Rappers jumping on the political bandwagon to the point where it's gonna crash into the side of someones house..are these politics even relevant.

You're probably thinking..."WTF...Cap, Your favourite band is called "Rage Against The Machine" and i'm sure i saw you wearing a China national team football shirt.."

I like to think i can differentiate between being aware of and holding a lot of respect for certain aspects of politics and idealising the relevance of politics in my day to day life.

See...My theory is (and it's not particularly complex) that politics as an idea as music holds a certain connotation that the elitist and the pseudo-elitist are obsessed with.

For example If i said "Sharp Shooters" by Dead Prez Ft. Talib Kweli was political, You'd say i'm talking clean out of my arse. But technically, it's a political record. Sure the hook might go "I'm one with my gun, I love it like my first son. It protects me and makes sure the Jakes respect me" and Kweli might talk about "Protecting yourself with the illest arsenal possible"

But i see it as a good spin on the 2nd Ammendment...(The thing that says you reserve the right to own a **** load of guns provided you're not a threat to society...Gee, here's me thinking anyone with a gun is a potential threat to society. But i digress...)

Anytime i've recommended that track to anyone, They've told me..."I mean a political record. Like Immortal Technique kinda stuff" Which has brought me to a sweet conclusion. People don't like politics in music, They like the idea of politics in music. Never has it been truer than people asking questions like "Where can i learn more about communism?" ...Can i add that in quite a few cases, These are the same people who have idolised rap about money...

To put into perspective...I've heard someone spit the lyric "Don't wear skinny jeans cos my knots don't fit" REPEATEDLY then tell me "I'm down with Immortal Technique's politics. He's about the people, I hear that"

Thanks for reading (:...I'm gonna go watch "A League Of Extroardinary Gentlemen"..Again.

Cap out.

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